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Do you have books for us?


Book Donations:

Yes, we accept book donations. Please send us an email before you make plans to visit the store. We only accept books. Please no encyclopedias, magazines, or CDs.

Book Buyback Weekends:

Agricola Street Books buys books from the general public for store credit approximately four times a year.  Store credit can be used for anything in the store. 

People always ask, "What are you looking for?"

My answer is, "The best books you have read."

Ideally, people would bring us recent fiction and non-fiction. We would also love to have award-winning books in all genres.

      We always need:


       adult fiction 

       kids fiction

       science fiction


       local books

       kids non-fiction

        history books



When you come: 

  • You can choose to either leave your bag and we will send you an electronic gift card and donate the books we cannot use OR

  • You can browse the shelves until we have processed your books(15-20 minutes).

  • The books we buy need to be in near-perfect condition. We prefer softcovers.

  • We offer $1.00 for kids softcover picture books and up to $4.00 for adult hardcovers.

  • We can only accept 15 books per person. No exceptions.

  • Please bring the books in a clean, dry bag.

Unfortunately we are unable to accept all of the books brought to us.

Here's why:

  • we may have multiple copies of the book in our store

  • it is a textbook

  • it is a book that may not sell at our store

If you have any questions, please email us at or call 902-453-7993 

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